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Augustinians - Vocational Discernment for Men

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September 20th, 2008

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04:14 pm - Augustinians
Augustinians are, first and foremost, a community. Saint Augustine believed that God could be best discovered in the company of friends, and that is how we have chosen to serve God.

Our community life is built on the same qualities as friendship: mutual acceptance and respect, a willingness to listen to others and to open oneself to them, kindness and concern, a spirit of forgiveness. It is a way of life that puts far less emphasis on rules and regulations than on personal responsibility and decisions made together.

Part of our life is spent in contemplation and prayer, and part in ministry. We go where the needs of the Church call us—to the inner city, to rural and remote areas, to the campus, to foreign lands—and we serve in many ways: as preachers of the word and presiders at the sacraments, as pastoral ministers and missionaries, as chaplains and social workers, as teachers and scholars, as writers, professional counselors, musicians, and artists.

Whatever form our work takes, we bring with us our personality as Augustinians. Among those we serve, we try to create what we seek in our Order's own houses: a community of love and respect, where the presence of God can be recognized in each member. Our hearts strive to be on fire with the experience of God's love, and we desire always to share that fire with others.

The charism of Augustinians is love of God and love of neighbor, which are the foundation of the gospel of Christ and which Saint Augustine enunciates time and again in his writings, especially in his Rule. For Augustine and Augustinians, the interior manifestation of this charism is the life that his followers lead in common and the bonds of friendship that hold them together. It is externalized by the hospitality that Augustinians extend to others, our service to the world, recognizing that each member of our community and each person with whom we come in contact is a temple of God. Dii estis, "You are gods," is Augustine's famous phrase, quoting Psalm 82:6.

And so the gospel imperative of love of God and neighbor—which Augustine sees as one, since we love our neighbor in God and our God in our neighbor—becomes for the followers of Augustine their particular charism in friendship and hospitality. No human being is a stranger to an Augustinian. (source)

To learn more about the Augustinians, visit their website.

Also take a look at this video for the Augustinian fund.

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Date:September 20th, 2008 04:34 pm (UTC)
Not that I'm trying to influence you in any way, Michael ;-)

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