Vocational Discernment for Men

Firmvm Est Cor Mevm

Catholic Vocational Discernment for Men
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For the sincere man interested in discerning God's vocation for him.
I'm beginning this community on account of the lack of seriously-directed and challenging vocational discussions among Catholic men, especially younger Catholic men who are attempting to discern their vocations. I don't know very much about the many ways that men can fulfill religious vocations, but I hope that others will join and contribute their knowledge.

Please consider filling out an application at Vocations Placement, a website dedicated to helping you fulfill your vocation.

Some notes:

If you'd like to help moderate this community, please contact me privately.

If you're in the process of discerning, or if you are certain of your vocation, please consider sharing your story with us. It always helps to know how others go about the process.

Please also consider sharing wisdom and advice, and information about the priesthood, the monastic orders, and all the options available to Catholic men. I also welcome heavy philosophical and theological discussion :-)

Feel free to ask any pertinent questions and to discuss anything which you think may be beneficial for this community.

Women, feel free to join if you think you can contribute, or if you think the community may benefit you as well. If you are actively discerning a vocation, however, womenvocations is the place for you.

I thought the motto "Firmvm Est Cor Mevm" (from PNAC's coat of arms, quoting Psalm 57: "My heart is steadfast") was appropriate.

Finally, if nothing else, I will at least try to regularly post inspirational quotes, prayers, and verses.

God bless you all!